Crowdsourced security code reviews secured on the blockchain

Now you can earn tokens rewards for checking code
even when you don't find a bug!

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Why Decentralize Bounties?


“Software is eating the world”-Marc Andressen. Our lives are unavoidably impacted by software. We are making it easier for more coders to become whitehat hackers.


The term “bounties” comes from the days of the “wild west” and to date, that is how they have operated. It is time for bounties to provide transparency and trust.


In the wild west, there is no guarantee bounties will be paid. The extreme implications are companies held to their knees with threats and blackmail.

Better Visibility
& Increase Trust

Companies get an embeddable badge so everyone can see the code is safe.

Bounties paid
Code audits

Get Rewarded Always!

Do you spend hours checking code repos hoping to win a bounty? Ever had a company not pay up or even reply? Now you can get paid even if you don't find a bug and be certain you get a paid out when you do.

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